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TV Advertising For A Reasonable Cost

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

TV advertising remains very popular and useful for marketing. TV Ads are often more affordable to buy during a recession, and TV is a great place to take advantage of downtrends in the overall market both from a financial perspective, and human behavior.

For a successful TV ad plan, you need to carefully consider how much you are willing to spend – not just the ad time, but the production costs as well. Having a plan helps, and you can’t make a plan without knowing who you want to reach, where they are geographically, and the best time to do it. Demographics are important.

Jetty Productions offers a comprehensive ad buying plan in conjunction with our video production solutions. We deal directly with station sales reps, negotiating best rates in advance, going for a multiple week schedule, looking for sales and remnant advertising, and negotiating added value for our clients including digital ads on across the web, a live in-studio segment or interview.

When planning a TV ad strategy, we make sure to answer the following questions about our clients.


You need to know who you want to reach with your TV commercial. Who are you targeting? Anyone can make a commercial, but not everyone makes a successful commercial. To really sell your product or service, you need to know your target audience.

● What’s their age?

● What TV channel are they watching?

● What time of day do they watch?

● What days of the week?

We will research online to see the optimum time/day for your audience, making sure the people you’re trying to reach, actually see your commercial.


Great! You know who you want to reach, now you need a commercial!

Creating the right commercial is key. You want it to be memorable for the viewer. Think about the commercials you see and remember. Which ones stand out to you? Or which current ads on TV are grabbing your attention? This is a great place to start looking for inspiration.

We ask our clients these creative questions:

● Do you want to tell a story?

● Do you want to inform the public about your services?

● Do you want to evoke an emotion?

● Do you want a signature character?

There are many different ways to represent your brand. There’s no right answer. The only wrong answer is cutting corners. The quality of your commercial should reflect the quality of your brand, company or service and that’s where hiring a professional video marketing production company makes the difference.


This goes back to your target audience. Who is watching and what do you want to tell them? That will vary from company to company. There are a handful of standard things we will include in your TV commercial.

  1. Incorporate High Quality Visuals. That includes your logo, products, footage of your company.

  2. Use concise words. Keep it simple so the viewer remembers the most important information. This can be done with a professional spokesperson or with graphics.

  3. Show off your product/service. This is your time to show people what sets you apart from your competition with your abilities, experience, and quality.

  4. Call-to-action. This is the action you want the viewer to take after watching your ad. Call to book an appointment? Visit the website? Make a dinner reservation?


Television stations sell advertising time in blocks of :15 :30 and :60 seconds. You’ll be working within that very specific time frame. If you bought a 30-second ad, that’s it. Once those 30 seconds are over, your commercial is cut off. That is why you need to make every second count by hiring a professional video production company to give your ad a polished, well written and produced feel. A production company will help you make the ad credible and professional. Jetty Productions offers a variety of pricing options that fit most budget needs.

What’s most important is that the viewer recalls your TV ad clearly and is moved to action. That should be the main focus when creating your commercial.

Jetty Productions will help you clarify your message concisely and creatively into the perfect TV commercial. Learn more about our professional video production solutions starting with a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

Jetty Productions Produced TV Commercial Example

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