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Seasonal Greetings Help Market Your Business

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The holidays are the perfect time for you to beef up marketing efforts for your company. Cards and giveaways might be the best way to reward customer loyalty and spur referrals.

Which Holiday Best Fits Your Business?

To give you an idea, if you’re a retail establishment, you can give your clients trick or treat bags for Halloween. You can use Thanksgiving cards to show your clients you’re thankful for their business. New Years is the time of good wishes and making plans, so incorporating New Year’s resolutions into the design of New Year’s cards might be the thing to do.

Stay top of mind. In front of your clients and potential clients.

Find that seasonal holiday you can wrap your business around.

We suggest using actual hard copy USPS mail since it’s rare these days to actually receive mail that’s not a bill. It will make your company stand out and memorable especially around a holiday.

Jetty Productions Produced Video Example


How can you add value along with the holiday message? For our clients. We start by making sure the holiday card contains value that’s actually relevant to the services provided as a company. Let’s say your business is a spa, you can include tips for combating dry skin during cold winter months. A restaurant may include a recipe for a holiday party.


Remember, this is a holiday card. Think of it as part of marketing as opposed to a chance to sell your services. People and customers want to feel special when they receive a holiday message. They definitely do not want to feel yucky when they receive your holiday card that includes a sales pitch. Holiday cards are a subconscious reminder to your customers that you exist and that you care about them. This is not the time for a hard sell. Imagine, if this entire post was just about how creative we are, or how affordable we make our video packages, or how wonderful the team at Jetty Productions are, or, ..


If you can, address the card to the customer personally as opposed to a general hello. A photo is always more likely to be looked at than just text. Include a company photo or family photo if you’re a family run company. Seeing a face helps build a connection with your customer to remind them you are a person not just a building or thing.

Want to take it one step further? Include a handwritten note or sentence along with your card. This can be a personal detail about an interaction or mention the product they bought. This separates your company from the mass mailings.


We stand by our recommendation to mail a hard copy of your holiday card to your customers. Ecards are for the company's that want to go above and beyond and send both a physical card and a digital card. Ecards are the perfect opportunity to create a video.

The video may be short and simple, with you and/or your company employees delivering your holiday message. Perhaps added value in this video ecard?

A holiday video is your opportunity to show your business’s softer side by sharing a heartfelt story or sharing your humor. This varies based on the holiday and your customer base. We encourage our teams to always think outside the box and make something people will remember. Maybe even something they look forward to receiving each year? Produce video content to put on your social media channels and company website!

Holidays are a great time to keep your business front of mind of your customers. Turn the moment into the right marketing solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our holiday marketing solutions for your business.

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