Our People


Meet The Crew

Neilson Paty
Founder & Creative Director

Neilson founded Jetty Productions in 2006 as a place for brands and agencies to create short form premium video content. Neilson is known for eye popping content driven campaigns steered by an analytical and user engaging approach. Today, Neilson steers the ship @ Jetty and has expanded its client roster to include over 50 companies, creating thousands of videos viewed and shared millions of times via broadcast, film, web, & mobile.

Jetty Advisory Board

D.J. Goldberg
Director, TV Development, Material Pictures

D.J has over a decade of experience in the TV & Film industry working at studios including Warner Bros, NBC Universal, McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision, and currently Tobey Maguire’s Material Pictures in LA. For Jetty, D.J. is advising on topics including the creation of 2nd screen content, celebrity driven video, and navigating through Hollywood.

James Gross
Co-founder, Percolate

James is disrupting and helping better define the marketing space with Percolate, a platform built to help brands create content at social scale. For Jetty, James is advising in areas of social content creation, early stage growth, SaaS in social, and native advertising.

Matthew Kujawa
Client Services Director, SapientNitro

Matt is a seasoned marketing and advertising specialist who has worked on traditional, digital, social, and experiential campaigns throughout his career. For Jetty, Matt is advising in areas including client relations, company growth, and South Florida business insight.

Avi Savar
Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Big Fuel Communications

Avi founded Big Fuel in 2004 and is a pioneer in the branded content and entertainment space. Publicis acquired a stake in Big Fuel in 2011. For Jetty, Avi is is advising on the creation of content at scale, as well as strategy for building a profitable content creation company.

Matt Trotta
‎Vice President, Agency Strategy & Industry Development, BuzzFeed

Matt has extensive experience in content marketing working at innovative companies including Federated Media, Turner Broadcasting, and BuzzFeed. For Jetty, Matt is advising in areas related to viral content creation, sponsored series, and scalable potential.

People you might find working on your content campaign

Paul Bashour

Paul is one of our go to cameramen based in sunny LA. His camera of choice currently includes the Canon c500 and Alexa, but he’s a maverick with them all. Paul has captured footage for Jetty on projects around the world (Germany, Dubai, USA to name a few), and is a Predator when needed. When not on a Jetty project, he can be found working with the crew of the Ultimate Arm on films including James Bond, ‘Skyfall’.

Derek Smith

Derek has worked with Jetty from day 1 and has shot well over 500 videos for us. Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, Derek is our go to person when creating videos in Español. When he’s not working on a Jetty project, you can find him traveling throughout South America, creating viral videos, or boogie boarding in his backyard.

Richard Fendelman

As a Miami videographer, Richard has been a great asset to the Jetty productions team. He has 40+ years experience behind the camera, and his knowledge of the field is second to none. When he’s not working on Jetty projects, Richard can be found working on his own projects including ArtsAndCultureTV.com.

Jen Heck

Jen is an all around pro that understands shooting both digital and film, as well as her way around the edit room. She has broadcast credits (VH1/MTV) and film awards (Sundance). Her zest for international travel allows a free spirited soul to shine in both her work and life. When she’s not working on Jetty Projects, and/or traveling around the world, you can find Jen living as a neighbor to Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC.

Max Ramming

Our southern gentleman, Max lives in Atlanta and is a true Predator. His production knowledge from all fronts including camera, edit, and graphics makes Max the one stop shop when working with our clients in the Atlanta area.

Vince Sabatini

Writer extraordinaire, Vince has been putting words on paper for over a decade at companies including VH1, Fuse, TLC, Travel Channel, AOL, and lucky for us… Jetty Productions. When he’s not writing voiceovers, one liners, and blog posts, he can be found working on his latest project, www.moviesoversex.com which is currently funded by Jetty.

Ryan McDonald

Ryan has astounded us with his approach to creating graphics. As our go to graphics creator, Ryan has been involved in too many projects to count, and helps us create that WOW Factor we are known for. When Ryan isn’t tied to Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator, you can find him playing baseball, fishing, and hanging with his kid.

Tim Shea

Our data and analytics brain, Tim leads the way in early stage strategy development with suggestions of keyword-based content. His analysis of signals we receive from our campaigns, and ability to foreshadow what will be searched makes him an invaluable asset to the team. When Tim isn’t matching numbers with content and users, he can be found on the golf courses throughout Westchester County, NY.

We often hire freelancers, interns, and various people and wish we could list them all.

If you feel left out, let us know 😉 If you’d like to hop on board and join us, please drop a line here.