Moving at the Pace of Social Speed

logoMoving at the pace of Social Speed is what my company Jetty is built on.

Everything needs to be well thought out, planned, and executed with just enough wiggle room for everything change.

Users want content. Publishers need content. & Brands have the money to make it.

Agencies are now tapped with the task to create stories, gifs, commentary, and digital experiences at an astonishing rate for brand clients. As everyone must think + create + contribute more content than ever before, we rely on software to keep up with the pace.

While working for clients including Unique World Hotels, we were able to successfully pin 5,000+ beautiful pins of unique hotels to 125+ city specific boards on Pinterest. We accomplished this over an extended period of scheduled time. Using technology and software platforms from companies such as ViralTag made this possible at Social Scale + Speed.

So what’s the secret to how we keep up @ Jetty? We combine the best of today’s software, with decades of experience + and an infectious desire to make the best content for our clients.

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