Clients Could Understand Branded Video Better

It’s not a secret that most marketing agencies which produce branded video content often hear their clients compare it with TV spots. Clients could benefit from better understanding of branded video, and here’s what they should learn first, according to an article from

There’s a big difference between the attention span of the same person when they are watching TV, and when they are viewing video on their mobile phone. Online video tends to lean towards being educational, entertaining, or informative to lure viewers, and capture the moment when a person is searching for something tangible or not. This means that online video is better suited for new and innovative ideas and boldness. Still, it can’t be all entertainment – there’s a message that needs to be conveyed in a short span. Placement and strategy are also very important for branded video – it’s not only about posting it, its about having a reason to post it, a reason to view it, and a reason to share it.


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