Facebook Video is the AND, not the OR, To YouTube

Those autoplay videos people have been seeing of Facebook are, according to an article on Re/code, not only here to stay, but something we’ll be seeing a lot more of. The system, which was set up to push video sharing to its user base, has yielded some BIG results.

Facebook claims it has a over a billion video views per day, which is a number that isn’t being ignored. The social network is starting to cash in  by offering advertisers the ability to promote autoplay clips, and it will probably implement a view count system in order to make popular videos even more popular.

Facebook and YouTube will be able to live side by side as both serve different purposes. Facebook is better for real time distribution of video, where as YouTube still dominates during the search process. Rightfully so as it is owned by Google.

Your video content should be relevant to both platforms. And, not Or.


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