Investors Are Needed For The Tech Industry To Grow

South Florida is making itself a hub for tech development, and according to an article from Miami Herald, it looks like everything is flowing in the right direction.  The intersection of investment dollars, tech, and talent is starting to pay off for many South Florida businesses.

Growth requires investment, especially in the early stages. Scout Ventures, a New York-based investment fund, opened an office in Miami recently and is looking closely for investment opportunities. Krillion Ventures is a new funding organization which made two out of its six investments so far in local businesses. Thesis Ventures and Accelerated Growth Partners have also been very active. Keiretsu Forum opened a chapter in Miami recently, but is yet to invest in a local business.

South Florida is ripe for the incubation of investment opportunities, as long as the investors that are already here see the potential in funding those opportunities.


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