Unexpected Online Video Trends

The future is unpredictable, but some things, like online video trends, can be predictive enough for professionals to have an idea about what’s coming next. Still, some things are hard to imagine, and these three video trends listed in an article on Percolate are among them.

The article predicts YouTube becoming an e-commerce referral engine, taking what’s working from unicorn Pinterest. The theory is derived from the beta test of Video Interactivity Templates hinting towards it.

A Data-driven approach to online video will also be a major signal for what becomes sharable, and ultimately a viable distribution method.

And lastly, sophisticated measurements used to determine likeability of videos, paired with auto play on Facebook,  and now Twitter joining the video front, we will further be blurring the line between video ads and video content on all the video platforms… and that is a good thing.

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