The 2014 Battle Of Brands

With the Q3 2014 numbers in for branded video views, an article on MediaPost listed the brands which had the most views during Q3. This list is based on the total number of views of all branded content in all the campaigns the brands had running during the time.

The best was Samsung – 257.4 million views, with 45% of them accounting to the five campaigns they did either to promote their product that came out in the same time as Apple’s, or to directly challenge Apple’s iPhone launch. Nike had 116 million views, 40% of which came from two of the most successful World Cup campaigns.         Google ran 140 campaigns, and amassed 95.4 million views, and Adidas, again largely due to the World Cup, came fourth with 73.1 million views. Apple was last on the list, with 51.3 million views, mostly for campaigns promoting the upcoming Apple 6.


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