7 thoughts about making a music video for under $1000

Every so often, I get a call from a musician or a band requesting the need for a video. When they tell me they have $1,000 budget, I almost always offer the same general advice.
Don’t spend your $1,000 with my company, or any individual outside of your immediate circle. Your money can be spent much smarter elsewhere.
Go buy a GoPro Cam (or 3) for under $1000. A DSLR camera such as a Nikon D3100, or similar, will do wonders for you these days, though 90% of the time, your smartphone is ample. If you’re a great live band, record and upload your live shows. If you spend much of your time in the studio, record yourself creating music. Content is king, so create a lot of it, and see what sticks.
Create an animated video on Powtoon. I read about it one day on TechCrunch, and suggested my good friend give it a try. Which he did. (video below)

Don’t over think it. Be innovative where you place the camera. One cool shot will eliminate the need for editing which will give you more time to create more videos or work on new music. Unfortunately, there’s only 24hrs in a day; focus where time permits.

Think about the perfect scenario. Dinner with person X. Coffee with Producer Y. Bumping into Record Label Exec Z. At that moment, what song would you wish they would listen to? These are your best songs. Don’t be afraid to make different videos for the same song.
Pick whom you’d like to be associated with. Brands are like Bands. Both made of individuals who work together to make something great.
Reach out to every company that has their product represented in the videos you make, including the camera equipment you used, hard drive you stored the footage on, etc. Tell them your story. Find their Agency of Record, and reach out to the Account Executive for that specific brand account by using LinkedIn. Send your video link, and specify the exact time code their product appears. Explain to them the benefit of their product in your production.
Spend your time and money wisely. Know your strengths, accept your weaknesses, and focus on what makes you unique.

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